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Your advice is spot-on to everything I heard from the fellows who have turned their lives around and made it past prison and into freedom.
-- Father George Aquaro
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Top 10 Survival Tips

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1. Turn off the outside world. Thinking about an upcoming party that you're supposed to be attending with the girlfriend will do nothing but upset you. Do your best to turn it off. The rules of jail dictate it doesn't exist- except to hurt you. You have to be focused in the present if you're looking to make it unscathed

2. When dealing with others, move slowly. Take your time and consider all the angles. Remember if something happens, there's nowhere you can go to avoid trouble. You are stuck ...

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Former Convict Angelo Pisano shares what the Old Timers won't tell you...

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Available to speak to you, your loved one, or your group and for private coaching...

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"When first entering prison, I was told you can come home from prison a man, a fag or in a body bag. You had better make your decision before someone else does it for you. That's how life is behind the wall."